What is Lab Tests Direct?

At Lab Tests Direct, we believe you should live your best life. Lab Tests Direct is a service that allows you to be involved in the selection of your own laboratory tests.  More than 100 common lab tests are available, including several packages to meet your specific needs.

Your lab test results empower you to make proactive decisions that can lead to a healthier, happier, better life.

People choose to use Lab Tests Direct for many reasons. Some people like the control of being able to buy any lab test they want as a fast, convenient way to check health status. People who manage chronic conditions appreciate that they can get a blood test without making a co-pay for another doctor’s visit or submitting an insurance claim to a high-deductible insurance plan. Competitive athletes like being able to measure things such as hormones, nutrients and metabolism – all of which affect overall athletic performance and results. Others like the confidentiality the online site provides, especially when it comes to testing for drug use and sexually transmitted infections.

No matter what type of lab test you need, we know you have a busy life, and that’s why convenience is at the core of Lab Tests Direct. Simply choose the lab tests you want 24/7 on our user-friendly website, and our board-certified physician will authorize you to have those tests performed by a reputable, accredited laboratory that meets the highest standards in laboratory testing. You will receive a laboratory requisition in your email that you can bring with you to more than 50 convenient patient testing locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When your results are ready, we will let you know. Your test results are secure, confidential and available to only you. You can choose if you want to share your results with anyone else, including your doctor. Plus, you can track your results right on the website, so the entire experience fits right into your schedule.


Are you ready to live your best life? Explore our available tests and get started today.  

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